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Poligal continues manufacturing the packaging that guarantees the food safety of the products

Poligal and all its workers continue to work with maximum effort and dedication to manufacture the polypropylene film (BOPP and CPP) that protects food in order to be perfectly supplied. At these moments guaranteeing good packaging, as it protects and maintains the properties of food, is key factor in the value chain that contributes to the food safety of end consumers.

Poligal is taking the necessary measures to guarantee the health of our collaborators and, therefore, their families and community. We want to convey our sincere thanks to all our collaborators who are coming to our facilities every day.

New film for a sustainable environment

At Poligal we are committed to help our customers in creating sustainable packaging solutions. As a result of several collaboration projects with both suppliers and customers, we now launch these new families of BOPP and cPP films designed for the new era of flexible packaging.

Oxygen and/or moisture sensitive goods? Protect them with our recyclable barrier fils. Metallic aspect and high barrier.

BOPP and CPP films containing up to 90% recycled material.*

(*Recycled from our own production scrap)

All our films should be recycled; but if accidentally disposed to the environment, our fully biodegradable pplaneta® bioD grades will disappear leaving no toxic residue.

Need recyclable packaging solutions? Substitute your PET films by ppolistery® on your monomaterial laminates!

CPP is a low density film with excellent tear and impact resistance properties while offering also outstanding transparency and gloss.

It is the perfect option for packaging a variety of products from bread to snacks or fresh produce, as well as for use in lamination as a sealant film for retort and non retort applications due to its superb heat sealing characteristics.

BOPP is a low density high performance film, with excellent mechanical, optical and barrier properties. It’s the most efficient and competitive solution for many flexible packaging applications.

We offer a complete catalogue of films that cover a wide variety of applications. We also work together with our clients in the adaptation of tailor made solutions for specific applications.


07 December 2020

A sustainable solution based on Biotransformation is available from POLIGAL for our BOPP and CPP films under New BSI Standard PAS 9017.

24 August 2020

Poligal keeps manufacturing polypropylene films (BOPP and CPP) that protect and guarantee the food safety of products.

12 March 2020



Sara Malmir during the Sea live presentation
20 November 2019

The EU funded “Sealive” project Kick-off-meeting was held last week at ITENE (Valencia, Spain). Our colleague Dr.


We are recognised across Europe for the high quality and reliability of our films as well as for our flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs. With 3 production plants in Spain, Portugal, and Poland, we aim to be the provider of flexible packaging solutions preferred by the most demanding clients.