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Poligal is one of the leading European manufacturers of BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film and CPP (Cast Polypropylene). For over 25 years we develop and produce high quality films designed to improve our clients’ productivity in converting and filling. We offer a full range of films for flexible packaging for consumer products, labels, lamination and a variety of other industrial applications.

We are recognised across Europe for the high quality and reliability of our films as well as for our flexibility and ability to adapt to our clients’ needs. With 3 production plants in Spain, Portugal, and Poland, we aim to be the provider of flexible packaging solutions preferred by the most demanding clients

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We start production at our Poligal-Narón plant in Spain with the kick off of our first Brückner BOPP extrusion line.
Poligal-Narón incorporates a first metalizing line, increasing the added value of our production. Poligal-Narón obtains the ISO 9000 quality certification. Poligal starts its activity in the French market.
Kick off of our second Brückner BOPP extrusion line at our Poligal-Narón plant in Spain, the first line in the world to incorporate twin-screw extrusion technology. We strengthen our presence in European markets with the opening of our commercial subsidiary in Germany (Poligal Vertriebs).
Poligal starts its activity in Mexico.
Installation of a second metalizing line in Poligal-Narón (Spain).
Installation of a third metalizing line in Poligal-Narón (Spain).
Poligal starts its production activity in the new Arcos de Valdevez plant in Portugal with the installation of a third 8,2m wide Brückner extrusion line, the first line in Europe to reach a production speed of 500 m/min.
Launch of new small reel slitting unit in Arcos.
Installation of a cogeneration plant in Poligal-Narón improving the energy efficiency of the plant. Our Poligal-Arcos plant obtains ISO 22000 certification.
Installation of new recycling unit in the Poligal Narón plant allowing to reuse raw material waste generated in the extrusion process more efficiently in the production of grades for specific applications.
Poligal Arcos obtains the BRC certification.
Poligal starts production of CPP film with the start up of a new Reifenhäuser 4.8m wide line in Poligal Arcos.
Poligal installs a new hybrid (Al/AlOx) Bobst metallization line in Poligal-Arcos Poligal starts construction of new greenfield plant in Poland. Poligal Narón completes the BRC certification.
Poligal start production of BOPP in Poland in a new Brückner 8.7m wide line (5 layers)


In Poligal we are building on our 20 years of experience to become a global reference in flexible packaging solutions.

Expand our product range and geographical coverage while maintaining our flexibility, reaction capacity and close cooperation with our clients.

Continue developing and producing films of the highest quality, reliability and improved performance that will provide our clients with efficient flexible packaging solutions.

Work in the continuous improvement of our process, minimizing the environmental impact of our operations through efficient energy consumption and waste management