Poligal reorganizes its productive structure to gain competitiveness

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Fri, 02/22/2019 - 14:26
  • The Narón plant (Spain) presents serious structural problems that have led the company to cease activity
  • The current market context, with significant rises in the prices of raw materials and excess installed capacity,  have had a strong impact on margins

Barcelona, February 22, 2019.- Poligal announced today an industrial reorganization to improve its competitiveness. The reorganization involves the cease of activity at the Narón plant (Spain).The current conjuncture of the market, continuous rises in the prices of raw materials and the excess of installed capacity have severely impaired the margins of this plant.

This reorganization aims to improve competitiveness and consolidate the future project of the company. Poligal will continue to provide service to all its customers from the rest of its plants 

The company is aware of the impact that the measure will have on workers, their families and the area and deeply regrets the decision that has been forced to take, and thanks the staff for the commitment and professionalism shown over the years.