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In Poligal we are committed to sustainability across de entire life cycle of our products. Our industrial approach is focused on continuous improvement in the efficiency of our energy consumption and raw material use, assuring the minimization of waste and emissions.

Energy efficiency

Through cogeneration we produce electricity for our consumption and we use the heat generated for the needs of our production process. We also obtain cold that we use in the conditioning of our premises, therefore reducing our electricity consumption on refrigeration.

Efficient consumption of raw materials

We work in the reduction of waste in our process, prioritizing reuse and assuring recycling and energy valorization in the best possible conditions. Our plants have recycling units that allow us to reprocess the waste generated in the extrusion process to be reused in the best conditions in the production of film grades for specific applications.

Optimized flexible packaging solutions

BOPP is a low density high performance film, with excellent mechanical, optical and barrier properties. It’s the most efficient and competitive solution for many flexible packaging applications. In Poligal we have been leaders in the progressive development of low thickness films that allow for optimization of packaging design and reduction of raw material use. The excellent mechanical properties of our films offer the possibility of working in the optimization of the required thickness for each application.

Poligal presents sustainable polypropylene solutions